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Case Study: Found-Space Saunas NZ Launch

Woman in a sauna
Case Study: Found-Space saunas NZ launch

In 2022, Australia company Found-Space infrared saunas (formerly iHealth Saunas) set its sights on the New Zealand market, and tasked me with launching the brand into the country.

For this I created a marketing strategy with a focus on raising brand awareness in NZ audiences and using Hubspot to drive leads to sales.

Key components of this strategy included;

  • New Zealand website creation

  • Search optimised landing pages for 'saunas in nz' keywords

  • Paid advertising targeting main NZ cities

  • Sponsorship of the Well & Good Podcast, hosted by Art Green

  • Sauna giveaway / influencer partnerships including Art Green (250k+ followers)

  • NZ public figures as guests on the Found-Space podcast 'Finding Space'

Launch Targets

  • 100 Saunas sold - EXCEEDED

  • 10k Instagram followers on AU account - EXCEEDED

Client Testimonial

"Katie's knowledge in Hubspot, automation, copywriting and story telling is impeccable. She helped us grow our email database through inbound marketing and used automation process' to create a better customer experience. Katie was also involved in project managing video production projects and other content creation projects across the business all of which were successful. " Alex Tyson, CEO @ Found-Space

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